From weak to strong in less than a year

I grew up with a strong passion for dance and the performing arts. And even though I loved movement, I wasn’t fit or into exercise at all. It’s as if my body just didn’t agree with it. I’m one of those people who can’t sit still, except my body couldn’t keep up. Regardless, I kept on with my passion until I was forced to let it go due to recurring pain and swelling in my knees.

I remember until today when my orthopedist told me these exact words “of course I can go in there and try to fix it, but why don’t you first try this thing called Pilates?” 

And now that I think of it, that visit probably changed my life and led me to where I am now. At that moment, leaving my dancing career in the past was a reality I had already come to terms with, but I was pleased to soon learn that I didn’t have to give up physical activity.

That was in 2003, and since then Pilates opened up a whole new world of movement for me. Things I could never do before like running, cycling, and weight lifting all became entirely attainable (and enjoyable!). Naturally, I fell in love. 

As I gave into my addiction for Pilates and practiced it more frequently, it took me in a journey through my mind and body, made me aware of how I stand, how I move and changed how I think of my body. In little time, I was standing taller, breathing better, growing stronger and living happier. 

Pilates turned me into a fitness junkie, a conscious eater, and a respectful lover of my body. 

At the peak of my physical shape and fitness, about to train for a triathlon for the first time, I was taken back to that moment when I had to let go of my passion. A side followed by a head-on collision in an automobile accident injured my spine resulting in what’s now minor nerve damage thanks to Pilates.   

Going through rehabilation of the left side of my body in order to perform basic functions such as pushing a shopping cart, hand writing or just being able to carry my purse gave me a whole new perspective and fascination for movement and how it occurs in the body.

I am thankful to Pilates especially during my rehabilitation for allowing me to stay fit while recovering my strength and basic ability to move. But more importantly for landing me stronger than I was before, both physically and mentally.

But if I were to say that the method and exercises created by Joseph Pilates alone were the reason why I stand here now doing what I do, it’d be a lie. I owe it all to the incredible Pilates trainers whom I’ve been lucky to come across and who through Pilates shared their vision, knowledge and fascination for how the body works as well as their incredible ability to see and create real, lasting change. 

There is nothing like losing your ability to move to make you feel like that’s all you want to do... 

Combine that with constant exposure to highly talented Pilates instructors throughout my life and a strong desire to help others – you have me moving to San Francisco to dive deep into a comprehensive Pilates training with an in-depth focus in biomechanics and anatomy – ITT Pilates of San Francisco, so that I, too, can begin to see and create real, lasting change. 



How did Pilates change your life?