Valentine's Day – some love it, others hate it and many capitalize off of it. In my opinion it is a sweet excuse to celebrate love in all of its forms, and I appreciate it for reminding us to love and be loved. I like to make it about turning on that warm fuzzy feeling in the hearts of those I love. So, forget about the chocolate, the flowers, the fancy dinner... Go make someone's heart smile! 


A few simple and meaningful ways to make a heart smile:

Send a love-filled card to that person you haven't seen in a long time

Take that special someone on a beautiful hike

Show your Valentine something he or she hasn't seen 

Give something that was made with your own hands 

Cook a delicious, healthy meal 

Make a point to use only kind words

 Seek smiles instead of attention

Do it for as many people as you can, including strangers if you dare

Keep the love beyond Valentine's day...

Spread the love

Every day has the potential to be what you make of it. So regardless of how you feel about Valentine's Day, take the opportunity to turn it into something meaningful, something that makes your day brighter and those around you happier. Make it about love and spreading it to as many as you can. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!