Regain joint stability and range motion,

increase strength, return to your favorite activities

and live pain free


Having suffered and recovered from kyphotic posture as well as knee, spinal and pelvic trauma myself, I understand the need for high quality care and instruction in order to quickly return to activity and pain-free living. My rehabilitation programs are unique to each individual and designed with a wholistic approach, addressing the whole body and mind as a unified system. The result is improvement in posture, fitness and overall joint function beyond the injured area so that you can enjoy your favorite activities and experience daily living with ease. Click below or contact me to get started.


More important than properly caring for an injury is preventing one in the first place. Leading an active life style or just maintaining a regular exercise practice increases our overall risk of injury and strain. Likewise, a sedentary lifestyle leads to weakness and imbalances that increase our risk of injury during basic daily tasks as well as our chances of falling. Committing to a function-based Pilates program will help reduce such risks as well as ease the discomforts that commonly result from misalignment, strain, and imbalances.


  • Strategic selection of Pilates and Pilates based exercises

  • Functional training specific to the activities you enjoy

  • Functional movement pattern retraining

  • Active release technique 

  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation




Once injury has occurred, because of the pain and weakness in the affected area, other areas of the body become strained resulting in continued pain, discomfort and weakness even after the injury has healed. To avoid unhealthy mechanisms of compensation, it is very important to maintain your overall fitness as much as possible through a safe and strategic exercise program that won't aggravate the injury all while minimizing its effects on the rest of the body. As pain subsides, strengthening the injured area takes priority in order to increase range of motion, muscle tone and strength. 


  • Safe and strategic selection of Pilates and Pilates based exercises 

  • Functional training specific to the injured area

  • Compensation strategies for daily activities  

  • Active release technique 

  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation 

  • Functional movement pattern retraining

  • Corrective strengthening techniques

  •  Functional training specific to the activities you enjoy

  • Maintenance regime



The Pilates method has gained recognition among the medical community for its ability to realign and balance the body and has become one of the most trusted forms of therapeutic exercise to prevent injuries, extend joint longevity, prepare the body before surgery and regain strength after an injury or trauma. If you would like to learn more about how I can help you through the Pilates method, please contact me.