Challenging and invigorating workouts that will 

transform your relationship with your body

and help you make fitness an integral part of your life.


Every session is a full body workout that demands conscious and continuous engagement of the abdominals and core musculature throughout the whole 55-minutes of the class and promote long lasting effects that will extend beyond your training into your daily living and support your life style. 



  • Sequences are low impact and designed for intensity, maximum caloric output and strength.


  • Safe and effective routines that tone and strengthen the whole body while increasing bone density, improving posture and promoting joint health.


  • Program design includes the perfect balance between repetition and variety so that your technique improves but your muscles don't plateau. 


  • Functional training exercises are incorporated to improve form and ease during the tasks you perform on a daily basis (walking, standing, driving, bending, lifting, reaching, etc.)


  • Targeted conditioning strategies are applied to increase performance and endurance on your favorite physical activities (sports, gym, hiking, parenting, etc)


  • Neurokinetic facilitation techniques to help you find proper muscular activation 


  • Hands on cueing and correcting to help you achieve the best alignment for your body.


  • Whether a group or a private session, each workout is specifically designed to the needs of the bodies in front of my eyes with personalized cuing that leads to noticeable results.