My Story

Pilates has been a catalyst to my strength and fitness since my first experience in 2003 as an alternative to knee surgery. One year into it, I experienced incredible change both physically and mentally. It made me aware of how I stand, how I move and changed how I think of my body. In little time, I was standing taller, breathing better, growing stronger and living happier - there was no activity my body couldn't perform.

Pilates was life changing in that it corrected my knock knees and poor posture, but also in that it helped me regain my strength and coordination after an unexpected brain stroke in 2005. Although I knew I'd do it for life, I had never considered making it my life until it helped me recover from a spinal injury in 2011. Two years later, I left my corporate career, was certified through ITT Pilates, began teaching and never looked back. And I am stoked to share with you that my consistent practice of Pilates also carried me strongly through pregnancy, cesarean section birth, postpartum recovery and now through child bearing– and I am stronger than I have ever been. If you'd like, you can read more about how I got here.


My Mission

I am passionate about life, wellness, movement and fitness. As a trainer, my goal is to help you create change you can feel, see and maintain through a positive style of training that will inspire you to transform your relationship with your body and guide you toward a healthier way of living so that meeting your goals means lifelong success. 


My Training Style

I believe that through proper form and motivation, the body is capable of achieving anything the mind is set to do. And so purpose and mindfulness are key elements of my teaching style. When training with me, you become an actively engaged partner in your journey to fitness and wellness. When I create your individualized program, I use my background in biomechanics and Pilates to design sequences that promote joint safety, muscle preparedness and high caloric output. You can expect to be corrected and challenged. When guiding your session, I provide you with adequate motivational tools to help you get through each sequence and advance faster. Common results have been: mind-body awareness, improved posture, weight loss, increased wellbeing, higher performance, flexibility, strength and balance.


I work with clients of all levels and walks of life. I am passionate about sharing with others the changes I've experienced as a result from Pilates and can't wait to share it with you!